Let’s start by introducing ourselves

Our names are Stephen and Shelley, We are a husband and wife team and have 2 beautiful daughters aged 6 & 1.

Here we are on our wedding day

Our journey began when we made the decision to make changes to our health due being overweight. We would often choose un-healthy processed foods and takeaways alongside an inactive lifestyle which led us to this point.

We both decided to take action and introduce some much needed changes to our household. Our main aim was to lose weight however we had slightly different goals therefore Shelley joined a slimming club and Stephen opted for a personalised plan through a local nutritionist.

Leading a busy day to day life due to us both working full time, differing shifts / long hours whilst bringing up a young family we didn’t always have the luxury of time.

We realised planning and prepping was key to ensuring we could have healthy home cooked family meals. We began gathering all the ingredients together, chopping/dicing the night or morning before we would have the meal. We even measured herbs and spices needed for each meal into little tubs which we just added whilst cooking. This took away the need to search around the spice cupboard as some meals have upwards of a dozen different herbs and spices! We found that this helped save time and made cooking less labour intensive.

I shared some of the ‘magic’ little pots with friends and family and they loved them. These are the people who pushed me into making this a business.

After months of making our blends in my kitchen, lots of research, sourcing, testing, and feedback from friends, chefs and cooks, I was finally ready to bring our amazing spice blends to the market.

I’m massively proud that we have created a healthy product and flavour revolution that can support and educate people that delicious food doesn’t have to rely on sugar, fat and any other nasties.

Our blends are all hand blended in the UK using 100% natural herbs and spices

Slimming Club Friendly

Fitness Fanatic Friendly

Macro Friendly

Gluten & Wheat Free

No Sugar or MSG

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Paleo Friendly

No preservatives or additives

Having better, healthier products in our food system is crucial, we need better products, and we need to make cooking, especially plant-based cooking much easier.

Now we reached a point of choosing a name for our business, After many discussions or some might say ‘disagreements’  between our husband and wife team. The answer was stirring us right in the face, we wanted to make cooking healthy, great tasting meals easy and less time consuming.

This is when ‘So Easy Seasonings’ was born

Our ‘So Easy’ spice range artfully blends high quality, freshly ground and antioxidant-rich spices. Nutrition experts often urge us to add it to your diet in combination with clean eating, yet chances are you don't.

We wanted our spice blends to be tasty, attractive, nourishing, convenient and function as nutritional boost. Our ‘So Easy’ range certainly tick all those boxes as well as being versatile; our blends can be used in many ways to create the below:-

  • Authentic and family favourite dishes from around the world
  • Rubs to use on meat or fish for extra depth of flavour
  • Delicious roasted root vegetable with a simple sprinkle
  • Tasty dips by stirring into yogurt, crème fresh or mayonnaise
  • Great tasting rice, cous cous, quinoa, beans, pasta or other grains for extra flavour
  • Divine salad dressings when adding to cider vinegar and olive oil

Go take a look at our store which showcases our current spice blend range......with many more to come


Many Thanks

Stephen & Shelley